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    Kickstarter Gaming | Gloom Pt. 2

    Episode 37 // We talk about the phenomena of Kickstarter gaming, where you can back indie games and make them come to life! Will this replace your friendly neighborhood game store?! (probably not.) We then finish our sad sad foray into Gloom, a game that wasn't backed on Kickstarter.

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    Favorite Board Game Mechanics | Gloom Pt. 1

    Episode 36 // We haven't been giving tabletop gaming its due lately, so we remedy that with a conversation about our favorite board game mechanics, from the focus bar in Civilization: A New Dawn to "the haunt" in Betrayal to card drafting in Innis. Then we start a new game with an excellent game mechanic in its own right (transparent cards!)...Gloom! Also, is there a reappearance of the Scottish girl???

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    Sports Games with Swag! | ClickVentures

    Episode 35 // Swag is back! This time we talk about the absurdity of the yearly repackaging of sports gaming franchises in the age of DLC and auto updates, and where we see similar models in the rest of the video and board gaming world. Then we tackle another ClickVenture from clickhole.com that leads to the most musical episode of WBAG ever...yes, there is a lot of singing.

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    eSports with Swag! | ClickVentures

    Episode 34 // It's finally time to talk esports, and we found an actual expert! We welcome our friend, fellow podcaster, and former esportsman Justin "J-Swag" Graves to talk about one of our favorite topics that we've been dying to get to. This is a discussion you don't want to miss! Then we put a cherry on top with a sports themed ClickVenture from clickhole.com, where we must convince Michael Jordan to become a plumber!

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    A Way Out, Gloomhaven, and Rocket League (Again) | Untold Pt. 4

    Episode 33 // We talk about what we're currently playing which leads to a fun discussion about the interesting coop console game A Way Out, the monster of a board game Gloomhaven, and Brandon's embarrassing list that starts with Rocket League and ends with Clash Royale. We then present the epic finale to our adventure in Untold: Adventures Await.

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    Is Gaming Finally Mainstream? | Untold Pt. 3

    Episode 32 // DRAKE PLAYED TWITCH SO THAT MEANS GAMES ARE MAINSTREAM NOW RIGHT?? We talk about it. Then we jump into the next round of Untold: Adventures Await where we find out if our heroes have the cajones to cross the great divide.

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    PUBG, Fortnite, and the Mobile Gaming Revolution | Untold Pt. 2

    Episode 31 // The sweeping phenomena of PUBG and Fortnite, especially the latter's cross platform play, heads up our discussion of the lasting significance and impact of mobile gaming and how it could change the landscape of gaming forever. We then continue our adventure in the guided RPG, Untold: Adventures Await, where our heroes get themselves in a few more sticky situations.

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    The Story of We're Bad At Games | Untold Pt. 1

    Episode 30 // If you've ever wondered how WBAG came to be, this episode is for you! We talk about the early beginnings, our original name ideas and way more. And if you've never wondered that and couldn't care less, skip ahead to Untold: Adventures Await, a Fiasco-esque board/RPG that'll knock your socks off.

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    Ethics of Loot Boxes | Spit It Out

    Episode 29 // Brandon gets bleeped! What got him so riled up we had to download a bleep sound effect? Discussing the hot gaming topic surrounding the ethics of loot boxes of course. This is a great ep in a lot of ways (great discussion, very important developments on the merits of Luke Wilson, etc.) and it all ends with another rousing round of Spit It Out.

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