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    Difficulty in Games | Hatoful Boyfriend

    Episode 46 | We use the legendary videogamedunkey's awesome video about difficulty in games to jumpstart our own discussion about how video game difficulty affects enjoyment and replayability, and which games in our experience have done a particularly good or bad job at nailing the right difficulty. Then we do our first ever repeat game, but it's one that we should have gone back to a long time ago. Ladies and gentleman, back and better than ever, Hatoful Boyfriend.

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    "Gaming Disorder"? | Coffeepot

    Episode 45 // The World Health Organization (WHO?!?!) has just added gaming disorder to their book of diagnoses. We three experts give our opinion. We then play the best game we've ever played, ever, on the show, Coffeepot. It's not even worth describing, hearing is believing.

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    Soundtracks and Alternate Endings | 20 Questions

    Episode 44 // We answer a faithful viewer and friend, Cesar's questions live on the show! We talk about our most memorable gaming soundtracks and how Patrick would change the ending to the new God of War (Dad of Boy, that is). We then play our first ever spoken parlor game, 20 Questions, where we read each others minds live on the show.

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    E3 Recap | Heads Up

    Episode 43 // We changed our recording schedule so we could give a prompt recap ep for E3! We give our biggest takeaways from gaming's biggest event, including Microsoft's increasingly promising market positioning, Sony's power move of epic trailers, and Nintendo's cornering of the indie game market. We're particularly pumped about The Last of Us Part 2, Anthem, Spiderman, and Pokemon Let's Go!

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    Why Do We Talk About Fortnite So Much? | Phrase Party Lite

    Episode 42 // Our discussion is kind of a crap shoot this week, but we do talk about the ongoing litigation between Fortnite and PUBG. So that's cool. Then we play Phrase Party Lite, which is about as fun as it sounds.

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    E3 Preview | Aye Dark Overlord Pt. 2

    Episode 41 // We give our first timely discussion in WBAG history and give our upcoming expectations, hopes, and dreams for E3 2018. We then continue in our fumbling game of he-said she-said (Geli's back, btw), Aye Dark Overlord.

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    Geli! | Aye Dark Overlord Pt. 1

    Episode 40 // We're officially over the hill! To celebrate our 40th, we're pumped to welcome our good pal and gaming connoisseur, Geli Workman to the show! Geli's intro includes a titillating discussion about Assassin's Creed, Red Dead Redemption, and female leads in video games. We then play one of our favorite games we've ever played: an improvisational game of pass-the-buck, Aye Dark Overlord.

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    Crazy Crossovers | Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Pt. 2

    Episode 39 // We talk about crossovers we'd love to see, like riding the Batmobile in Settlers of Catan! (Or more hopefully, Jedi in Super Smash) Then we enter the third world again, the virtual world, as we test our bomb defusing skills in the VR game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

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    Let's Go Pro! | Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Pt. 1

    Episode 38 // We play make-believe this week in more ways than one! The discussion revolves around what game we'd go pro at if we actually had the talent to do so and didn't waste our time making a podcast talking about it. Then we take the whole viewers debate one step further by playing our first VR game on the show, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes!

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    Kickstarter Gaming | Gloom Pt. 2

    Episode 37 // We talk about the phenomena of Kickstarter gaming, where you can back indie games and make them come to life! Will this replace your friendly neighborhood game store?! (probably not.) We then finish our sad sad foray into Gloom, a game that wasn't backed on Kickstarter.

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